Friday, December 23, 2016

Sacred Moments

I returned from my vacation to be thrust right back into the throws of motherhood. There were clothes to wash, grocery shopping to complete and meals to make, my flock awaiting my clearly defined duties. I fell right back into the swing of things but with one difference I was not expecting, I felt absolutely divine performing these normal, everyday tasks of living. It seems the vacation had given me the time and space to view my life from a new perspective.

I always knew my care-taking role was of importance, but suddenly I felt that running my children to the local Kohl's for sweatpants was nothing short of a blessed act. That I was providing nurturing for another soul felt monumentally significant. I could sense the beauty of my actions and feel the love filling the cabin of my SUV.

Over the past 17 years of being a mom I've executed similar acts many times over and I've made a point of reminding myself that what I do, no matter that it might seem mundane, is significant in the development of my children; that it provides them with a sense of self-worth and importance. Through my actions they understand that they matter, I mentally "got it" but have never felt the expanse of loving energy as clearly as I have most recently. I was no longer "doing" but was instead "feeling" and I was filled with nothing but gratitude that I might be in the position to shower another with acts of love.

The wonder of this understanding was that not only was I performing loving actions for others, not just my children but that the converse was true as well, that others were doing the same for me in kind. Again, I intellectually grasped this concept prior but now the loving deeds of others towards me hit me in waves of great comfort and joy, quite simply I felt love everywhere. To fully feel the impact of this truth that we've all been told many times over is the way of our universe, leaves me feeling humbled and immensely grateful.

Instantly the fear kicked in and I become concerned that I would lose this new found level of emotional wisdom. That's where my years of personal growth and awareness come into play and I realize that by focusing on that fear and loss, I will surely bring it into my reality. Thus, I continue to make concerted efforts to focus on the love that ripples throughout my day and my life, not its potential deficit.

I wish I could bottle this feeling and send it to each and every one of you so that you too might drink this sweet nectar and feel the hallowed grace of every act you perform for those significant to you in your daily life, as well as those they share with you. As my eyes well with tears, I know that nothing we do for another, not matter how humdrum it may appear, is ever wasted or insignificant. Millions, in fact, more than billions, of loving actions are enacted every second of every day in our day to day lives. Put your rose colored glasses on and see your world, our world, with the splendor that it is.

I leave you with a quote I found only minutes ago, a message from the universe to me and you: " What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal."-Albert Pine

Be well and happy.

MyMemoir: http://tinyurl.com/relentlessbyspringer

Saturday, December 10, 2016

How the Self-help Community is NOT Helping Us

I know, it sounds like an oxymoron, that title. But watching, listening and reading various blurbs post-election reminded once more that those intending to enlighten us on our spiritual paths are sometimes keeping us in the dark. How so?

Like many on the planet following the most recent USA presidential election, I took to the internet to connect, understand and process my many and varied thoughts and feelings. So many times I was bombarded with the notion that I should focus only on ‘the love’. It was suggested that I send, feel, radiate and embody only love.  And it only left me feeling hostile, unseen and unheard.
I most certainly embrace the notion that love was what the tumultuous situation needed but like many others, I wasn’t there yet. I resented the seeming denial of all my other emotions. I was scared, sad, enraged, confused, hopeless and anxious. Nowhere could I find the love. I couldn’t find it because it was buried underneath the avalanche of other feelings, feelings that required my introspection, venting and processing before I could once more stand with an open heart. They demanded my time and attention and I willing gave it to them.

That isn’t to say that my goal was to stay stuck in the muck of anger, my intention was to return to a place of calm and clarity, but I was simply refusing to ignore what else I was experiencing. I knew those experiences had something to teach me, and bulldozing my way through it would get me nowhere in very short order.


Let me ask you this: Have you ever felt angry, expressed that anger to another and been told, ‘You have nothing to be angry about,’ or ‘Your anger is only hurting you. Let it go,’? And how did you feel after those wise words were shared with you? Chances are, you felt even more livid, or at the very least intent on staying pissed off for as long as you damn well pleased.

What wasn’t offered in the scenario above is validation, the sense that another heard your emotions and needs. And being heard and seen is what each one of us craves. Others don’t necessarily have to agree with us, though we do enjoy the reciprocity, but only acknowledge our feeling and sharing. “Wow, I can tell you’re really ticked off,” goes a long way to allowing us to release our grasp on what we deem the most unpleasant feelings.

Which takes us back to the title of this post.

What I would like the self-help community, of which I am a part, to offer is permission for others to healthfully express the more uncomfortable thoughts and emotions. Express them in a fashion that is not attacking or hurtful to another with the intention of creating a flow. The flow will eventually (there is no time limit) release the mental chattering and clutter so that in time our place of center and calm can be seen and felt, and it is there that we can find the love.

It is my belief that we are on this planet Earth for a human experience. Part of that human experience is the vast amount of feelings offered to us. We do ourselves and others a disservice by not offering permission to be human. So I say, permission granted.

Be well and happy.

My memoir: http://tinyurl.com/relentlessbyspringer

Saturday, November 12, 2016

This is the Mantra of Personal Growth

I made a recent post on Twitter that seemed to resonate with so many people and it got me to thinking…wondering exactly why.

Below is my tweet:

The first thing that struck me is that all of those people must be able to relate to feeling hurt by someone. I think it goes without saying that for all of us, the hurt will come in some form or fashion via betrayal, deception, malice or abuse of some sort, and usually at the hand of another human being. A human being unkind, thoughtless, selfish or cruel.

And therein lies our test, how do we react or cope with the pain? Do we embody those emotions, the feelings that the one that harmed us most surely felt as well as they lashed out? Do we become and own what has been thrown into the boxing ring?
It can be so very hard not to take a swing, at anyone really, for the punch we took. It’s often easier and swifter to pass along what has been dished out to us, but that is when we then lose ourselves. And we know it. And we grapple to heal, let go and accept.
That is exactly where I found myself as I sought healing and understanding for the violent and abusive acts I endured as a child, acts that began to turn me into someone I didn’t want, or know, myself to be. Below is an excerpt where I share just that:


Vengeance Is Not Mine

This book isn’t an act of revenge; it’s always been about healing and freeing myself from my past, releasing the vice grip of my parents. I was desperate to no longer carry them and their burdens in every cell of my being, everywhere I traveled. No matter where I turned, it felt as if their actions and misdeeds were some gelatinous parasite that had fused itself to my being. 

If I was motivated by revenge, then I would never have sought a way out. I would simply have acted and continued to act from my place of rage, the place that wanted to fight back and hurt in turn. I would not have been the seeker of understanding, processing, and compassion. I would have lashed out again and again, never satisfied with the level of chaos and pain I inflicted, always wanting to make them squirm in agony as they had done to me so many times before.

Let’s be realistic: I had fantasies of just that. It would have been so easy to go with what had become the norm, the stormy waters, but easy was never my way. Instead, I learned to surf the emotional rogue wave. I refused to allow it to completely pull me under, drown my spirit, or wreak a lifetime of havoc and emotional torture to anyone that got in my way. I was taught by a master, but remotely I knew that I am not him, nor am I what he taught me.

I caught that wave again and again until it carried me to the mystical land of forgiveness, for myself and them, where I finally released the anchor that bound me to the hope that the past could have been different. So far it’s taken me more than twenty-five years to unlearn what I was schooled in as a student. For me, this book is about remembering and re-learning who and what is my truth and having the courage to share that with the world, often feeling emotionally stripped and naked. I said he was a master, but what he didn’t realize was that I am as well. But unlike him, I chose not to master others, only myself.

And that is the challenge that is offered to us all as we make this way through this existence. There is no right way or deadline to meet. All that is asked is that we try, because trying is one step closer to our truth, not the truth of the one that hurt us. If you haven’t done so already, perhaps today is where it can begin for you too.

Be well and happy.

My Memoir: http//tinyurl.com/relentlessbyspringer

Monday, August 29, 2016

Signs, Signs

Many of us are aware of the song that tells us that signs are everywhere. I have indeed found this to be the truth on my own journey of growth and healing. Once we aspire to increased personal awareness the universe conspires to support us in that quest.

Each and everything we encounter is purposeful in that it nudges us forward in our goal, if we are in tune to its presence. Some signs are delivered to us in neon, making them nearly unavoidable, while others are whispered phrases from our intuition or spoken words from another’s tongue. Each beckons us to examine them and ask what insight they have to come share.

The worst thing we can do with these offerings is to ignore them. Many times the mind supersedes the flashes of guidance being presented, discounting its importance and what we feel to be its meaning. I beg of you, do not heed the fearful chattering of your mind, but simply follow the trail of metaphoric crumbs that have been laid out for you on your path back to yourself.

That is exactly what I have done as I embarked on my odyssey of personal healing, one that led me to self-compassion and forgiveness of myself and others. No matter how insignificant the presentation seemed to my mental interpretation, I dared to explore its teachings. Never did the universe cease from sharing as it suggested, “Try this,” and “Did you hear that?”

Below is another excerpt from my memoir, Relentless, A Journey of Forgiveness, due to be released on Amazon next month. It is a prime example of the sometimes simple but profound tools that are given to us learn anew.


A Timeless Tale

Hans Christian Andersen came to lend me a helping hand as I sought to release and rebuild, or at least his story, The Ugly Duckling, had.

I kept having flashes of images from the version adapted and illustrated by Jerry Pinkney, one I had read to my boys in years past. I also kept hearing the title over and over again. What I remembered about the times I had read this story was my feelings of sympathy for the sad little duckling that struggled to fit in while enduring the others’ cruelties and, of course, the jubilation at his victorious ending.

Next the phrase, “I’m a swan,” kept replaying in my mind. At first I scoffed at idea that I was a swan, a seemingly vain proclamation, but it would not cease its incessant trumpeting into my awareness. Obviously, I was meant to listen, not just to the words, but the message itself.

Soon enough, I grasped that what I was being shown was the simple truth that I was the odd bird, the one that could never fit in and fully belong to my family of origin because I was a different breed. That’s not to say I was better than they, just that I was not the same. I could never be a duck because I was a swan; there was no changing that core truth. All of my years of trying to fit in to their mold were in vain, and could have only ended in the defeat that had become so familiar to me. I got it. There was never anything wrong with me!

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I openly embraced a children’s story as my guide. Perhaps my process sounds quite elementary, but I tell you my shoulders dropped in relief yet another notch as I allowed the understanding to wipe away a bit more of the self-loathing grime that smothered and blanketed my soul.

Perhaps the story was also an omen of things to come, that I might just get my fairytale ending, but only after completing several more chapters of my own life.


I encourage you to adjust your dial to the universal broadcast and those flashes it interjects into your days as guideposts for what may come if you simply follow their lead. It is those things that cause you to pause, ponder and question- maybe even give you an internal jolt- that are the keys to the doors which you seek to unlock. It is through these signs that you can know that you are never alone or hopeless on your trek.

Be well and happy.

My book is now available on Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/Relentlessbyspringer

Monday, August 8, 2016

Rising to the Occasion

I've spent the past four years in the process of creating a book which might express the words of my heart and soul. It's contents are my travels for over the past twenty-five years within myself. It speaks of my path of healing for abuses I suffered as a child, but it is the voice of many that are committed to personal growth, self compassion and understanding. My words are authentic and raw. And it is with my words that I hope to inspire others on their on unique journeys. 

My mind has given me many reasons to "close the book" but it is my soul that pulls me forward and asks me to stand tall. I can only have faith that what I'm about to share has a purpose for someone, somewhere. Who am I to deny them what might  be an offering of understanding, validation and truth? Not sharing my story might be an act of self preservation, but it is possible that it would also be quite selfish.

And so, I move tentatively forward and onward, but I am moving just the same.

Below is an excerpt from my memoir, Relentless, A Journey of Forgiveness, which is to be released within the next couple of weeks on Amazon. I hope you will join me again soon for my completed book and that which I have come to share. 

I’m not a writer, nor do I pretend to be. In fact, while I admire the ability of those who can spin a spectacular tale, I don’t aspire to be that. If I bog my mind down with the rules of eloquent writing, I’ll lose my truth. And the truth is I’ve followed no road map to get me here as it’s often been my own private excursion, as a pioneer of my own landscape. No how-to manual was placed in my hands. There were no classes to take. I just took one step and then another, and so that’s how I’ll write, clear on my purpose and trusting that the path will be laid before me if I only have the courage to begin. What you now hold in your hands is the contents of the compartments of my life.

What are you being called to share, and will you too rise to the occasion?

Be well and happy.

My Book is now available on Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/Relentlessbyspringer

Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Ancora Imparo"

That quote, translated as "I am still learning", is attributed to Michelangelo on his 87th birthday and could not be a more fitting phrase for my week, and my guess is for yours as well. It seems to me that we are all here learning multiple lessons, many times over. Just when we think we've mastered one particular hurdle, it presents itself directly in our path once again, only to cause us to stumble and fall.

My knees got skinned up this week as I too tripped over my own obstacles. It was a very familiar theme that I battled, that being fighting a losing battle. The title of my blog is by no means an exaggeration, I am relentless. I have held strong in the face of many assaults, but the hardest war ever waged has been within myself and has been about knowing when to disengage.

A relative's verbal onslaught returned me to that place in my mind where I charged the gauntlet that had been thrown down, with the tenacity of a bulldog. I become hell bent on engaging their irrational behaviors, hoping only to convince them of their outlandish and utterly ridiculous display. That quickly I am returned to the days of my childhood where I stood toe to toe with the insanity of my parents. Then it was truly about my survival. Today, time and space allow me to see the futility in trying to convince them of anything.

I had to walk away, from the bloodshed and from them. It's one of the hardest things I had to do because I am not a quitter and my heart had hopes of bringing them into a place of healing with me. The toughest lesson for me to learn, by far, is that a smart soldier knows when to turn and leave, not admitting defeat but instead displaying acceptance. In that acceptance the rage of a warrior is replaced with the grief of saying goodbye, cutting one of the last tenuous strings that kept us connected. It was ultimately a loving act not just for myself, but for them as well as I refused to continue to remain in conflict; playing a game that had only losers.

And so, I faltered for a few days on lessons not yet fully integrated, but the good news is that I was embattled for days, and no longer years. I have learned, and clearly, am still learning. I played out old energies within my mind but ultimately returned to my heart and permitted the tears to add another layer of healing to a time and place that is long gone. Today's family member had taken me there, but it was me that found my way out. I had come full circle, my dogged personality returning me to a moment of healing and truth, not a place of entanglement.

It is true, each and every one of us shall fall but the lesson is always, "What is the lesson?" With that spirit in mind we will remain victorious wherever life may lead us.

Be well and happy.

My Bookhttp://tinyurl.com/Relentlessbyspringer

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Practice of Practicing

There are many things I've written in these blogs that aren't news to many of my readers. The knowledge I share has been offered by numerous others in varying forms and fashions, and that's as it should be for repetition and practice appears to be one of our modalities of learning in this journey of life in which we are being schooled.

To many of those I encounter I stress that the information and techniques I share only work if they work and utilize them. This, of course, sounds fairly obvious but it has been my observation that the art of practicing our teachings is where many fall short. The society in which we live is all about the quick fix and the magical pill we can pop to cure us. The processes of self-growth and awareness are indeed magical but by no means are they the fast train to ultimate bliss. They require consistent effort, and plodding if you will, on our part in order that they may be the most effective.

After all, there are very few things that we've learned that didn't require repeated and prolonged practice, like walking for example. Just as we didn't master this skill in one fell swoop, so too do we have to "fall down and get back up" as we explore spiritual and personal growth, striving to develop a new skill set. If we never had the courage to pull ourselves back to standing after that first fall, or worse yet never dared to walk at all, we would remain stagnant and stymied in our world. This truth applies to every new tool we seek to utilize, each requires a determined approach that can only come from within. Walking was demonstrated by others as they meandered about. Parents support and encourage as children strive to perfect the art of personal locomotion, but never can anyone actually do the walking for you, the true drive comes from within and takes years to fully master the coordination of the growing and developing muscles.

As we seek to develop these new practices and "muscles" we can go nowhere without applied and continual personal effort. Attending a class or reading a book is not the only level in personal growth, simply the first, as this is not an osmotic process. The healers and teachers of our world will may "carry you" at times, as a parent would a young or tired child, but always you are released to explore the world and practice. It's one of the most simple and unwavering truths of growth.

I implore you to commit to making you, and the newest knowledge shared with you, a priority. The habits of our past are embedded deeply on all levels of our being and it is only with self commitment that we will slowly but surely make our way out of the confines of the old, which truly are tried but oft times no longer true to our present.

Be well and happy.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Popularity Contest

I lost that by a landslide this past week. Folks were not a fan of what I had to say, though it was the truth. A truth that I had taken time to carefully mold and shape so that it would land with ease within their minds and hearts. The majority had none of it and instead attacked me personally and directly for simply stating a fact, seeing no need to craft their words with the finesse which I sought. I kept hearing Billy Joel sing about the loneliness of honesty.

I knew before I made my declaration that I was entering stormy waters but after careful thought chose to dive in anyway. Why? Because it seemed important and because it involved children. It mattered to me because in time the children would be the ones to ultimately pay the price, and through no fault of their own. So I stood up and others tried to knock me down.

I won’t pretend it felt great. Hiding behind the skirt of the internet some people can be vicious. Nor will I proclaim that I am so virtuous that I didn’t want to lash back with what I found to be very fitting, insightful and witty comments to the absurdity I faced. My desire to remain neutral and not personal faded a bit each time someone slung words my way.

I knew I was being offered a lesson, one of the hardest ones we humans face- not getting caught up in what our fellow humans might think of us. So how exactly did I accomplish that? Not perfectly, that’s for sure, but that was not my goal. My goal was to bring myself back to center and my place of power each time I began to flounder. I dug deep in my toolbox and practiced what I know to be tried and true.

1-I vented. Getting it out of our head is the first healthy step to moving forward but it is imperative that we don’t stop there or else it’s all just a bitch session with no end. When we don’t move beyond this we keep ourselves trapped as a victim.

2-I focused on the minority of the “responders” that did support me, though their numbers were few.

3-I chose my battles. Some people were so invested in proving me wrong that I could have gone back and forth with them for days, and so I chose to remain mum and in my mind agreed to disagree. Other times I stood up for myself in an assertive fashion by simply responding that they had the right to their thoughts but they were not free to attack me, as I had not done so to anyone else.

4-I reminded myself that those that had a thing or two to say to me knew me not at all and intentionally concentrated on the people around me that do love me.

5-I listened to Mother Universe as quotes appeared in my day. Quotes such as: “It’s easy to stand with the crowd. It takes courage to stand alone.” Who actually said it, Mahatma Gandhi or Rumi, seems to be up for debate but I felt more secure with those wise words than with what was being offered to me via my social media responses.

6-I took a step back and tried to see it from the others’ perspective. I attempted to understand what had gotten them so riled up. I asked myself and those close to me if I could or should have done something different, while holding the space of being open to feedback instead of defensive. I stated, “I’m willing to learn.”  

7-I utilized a technique called Tapping to calm my racing thoughts.

8-My mind continually wanted to replay the events. It was then that I would say in response- No mind, we’re not going there. Let’s pay attention to and feel the beauty that surrounds us instead.

9-I reminded myself that it was not the crisis it felt like.

10-And I did it all again and again.

As the dust settled I wondered whether it was worth it and if I would do it all again. The answer, is yes. I concluded that the only thing I could have done differently was to say nothing at all, but I would not have felt happy with myself if I had chosen that route. I am here for a purpose and a cause and this situation fell under that umbrella. So I did what I came to do- which does not include being popular.

I share this all with you so that you too might know how best to handle the criticisms and judgments of our fellow human beings. And I tell you that I could have done none of this if I hadn’t taken the time to know myself and my truth personally. What I did, through the years and this past week, is what we are all being called to do. I share my path with you in hopes that you shall begin, or continue, on yours.

Be well and happy.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cloaked in Anger

Anger is a natural human emotion, though often judged as belonging to the out of control. It only becomes out of control when we refuse to listen to its words. So, I’m sending you an invitation to meet your anger and chat a bit. It has a lot to teach you. No doubt it has many unkind and hurtful things to spew- let it out. A healthy expression might be to write it out, shout it out when you’re all alone or punch it out onto your sofa. Most importantly do not censor what it has come to say.

When both you and the anger feel spent I’d like to you to search for what now lies exposed. What other feeling was hiding below the animosity? More often than not they are the emotions that create a sense of vulnerability, those that don’t roar with the magnitude of our dear friend anger. Feelings such as: loneliness, sadness, grief, hurt, abandoned, unappreciated and unloved. The feelings that make us cry and the ones society tells us are another sign of weakness. Often shielded by anger we find a broken heart.  

It is in the process of personal growth that we must give voice to our anger and appreciation for what it has come to share but it is also a vital step to dig deeper, because the anger is only on the surface of that which seeks healing. When we don’t just skim the surface what we discover is the material rich with our needs, truth and voice. My last piece of advice, fear not any of this because the beauty that awaits- is you.

Be well and happy.

Monday, May 2, 2016

All or None

That is how so many of us approach our lives. We invest ourselves wholeheartedly in either avoidance or immersion after identifying a project or issue that we deem attention worthy or in need of repair. For most, their whole lives are spent solely in the land of All or None as a standardized method of operation for any and all functions. Personally, I’ve preferred the immersion technique. But it doesn’t matter which way you swing, neither is a healthy approach. So what is?

It’s the place that stands smack dab in the middle of All or None, and it is known as ‘Some’. Some doesn’t receive much credit in our harried world. It seems to imply that we made a half ass attempt. “Faster, harder, longer and more, more, more!” says the world. And like a good soldier, we obey. Then we come crashing down, our resentment at an all-time high while our energy is at its all-time low. In that space we pull a pillow over our eyes and tell everyone and everything, including our own selves, “No more. I can’t and I won’t.” Both extremes are caustic and do little to nurture us, those in our life or the world at large.

What Some allows is balance. It’s the place where we can set healthy boundaries and investments of our time. It permits us to say, “I love you but I will not sacrifice myself in the process because I know I must tend to my well-being also.” Some reminds us that to-do lists aren’t to be avoided nor are they the strict script of what we are meant to accomplish in our lives. When we strive towards personal growth Some says, “All in due time and only one step at a time.” Some creates the space to breathe as it lacks the external and internal pressures of All or None.

Some is full of possibilities- as in somewhere, sometime, someday, someplace, someone and something. It tells us that we have a choice and the world is full of wonder, not dogma. Some isn’t just the middle ground, it is also the higher one as it elevates our awareness so that we might make conscious rather than reactive choices. Some can be our center.

I encourage you to explore what areas in your life are calling for you to put Some into play. Give yourself permission, in some area of your life, to partake in the slow and steady pace Some has to offer.

Be well and happy. 

Monday, April 25, 2016


By now our world has been saturated with the tune Purple Rain. Everywhere we turn there is a clip or article about his artistry or life, but none of it can fill the void. The world still feels smaller without him among us. It made me pause and take time to think exactly why, besides his obvious talents, he touched so many among us in such a profound way.

My goal was to describe his impact in the simplest manner possible. What I found as I stood back, was the word authenticity. It sounds a bit bland to describe such a vibrant being with that word but allow me to elaborate.

Prince the performer was anything but ordinary. He sported the most flamboyant outfits, like bikini bottoms with thigh high boots. A deep royal purple became this petite man’s symbolic color and blurring the lines between male and female was a magic he pulled off with the greatest of ease. I’m not going to lie, some of his hairstyles were questionable, at least if I saw them on my own husband; but I always thought as I gazed at him, that looks good on you. But then everything always did because even though he was putting on a show, it never seemed to be an act.  

His performances were packed with deep passion and left us dripping with the emotions found in the lyrics. Whatever we felt when we listened to his songs, and there were a myriad of experiences, we were left charged with life, ‘electric’ as the song Let’s Go Crazy suggests. He poured his feelings into his craft and quenched the thirst within all of us to know that part of ourselves as well.

The public persona we were permitted to witness radiated extraordinary power and confidence, as well as humility. He seemed to know and own who he was, his grandeur, without intentionally making others feel smaller.

He stood in front of millions, scrutinized by some no doubt, and said through his actions, “This is who and what I am.” And he did it loud and he did it proud. He did what we all long to do, be our truest self.

Now you can see, the word authentic is anything but vanilla. It takes great courage and resilience to live and thrive in that space, something he appeared to pull off time and again. He was a role model for how to stand in your power. 

That is what I believe he touched in each of his fans, permission to be who we are as individuals. Permission to be grand and humble at the same time as we take a step away from the norm. To me, his legacy isn’t simply the notes and words he wrote, but the dynamic energy, conviction and passion he shared and dared us all to live.

I’ve no doubt, he would want us all to be well and happy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I was involved in a conversation with an individual the other evening when suddenly I became aware that I was helping her to connect the dots. I used to love to those puzzles as a child, they gave me a real sense of completion as I saw the full picture come into focus. Apparently I'm not the only one that enjoys this activity because on the market today there are books with supremely challenging versions that have numbered points going into the 1,000's or, with complicated coordinates to follow. To take a jumbled mess and make order out of it fascinates me. That, I realized as I stood deep in conversation, is what I've done with my own life for over a quarter of a century and how I support others in my practice as an alternative healer.

When we sit down to complete a dot-to-dot we always start at the beginning in order that we might move forward in the creation of the picture. Without those first points the picture can not reach its full completion. The same is true for our lives. It is necessary to travel to different points of our past and follow their path into our present to see the picture they are helping us to currently manifest. The picture of your today is not random but instead has a path that has led you to where you're standing at this time.

There's no escaping that past for it has a direct impact, consciously or unconsciously, in the creation we live today. When we go back to those significant times in our life and identify their ramifications, we can clearly see how those that have been left unresolved are played out in our present lives. The same or similar thoughts, patterns, fears and energies play out again and again from those unhealed events, the dots always connecting back in time.

If we have the courage to visit those points of our past or wounded self, we will find that the power to create a new vision of our present moment emerges. By bringing awareness to those key events in our history we begin to discover a new expression of ourselves and our lives for the future; a new picture materializes. Our power lies not in denying or running from what came before but in revisiting it with the intentions to understand its purpose and lessons.

Just like the puzzles offered today, this can prove to be super challenging and daunting at times but never have I heard another bemoan their choice to more fully understand themselves. I have found that it is as we connect the dots that the full beauty of our being unfolds before our eyes, the picture of our true selves taking form with greater clarity. Out of chaos order appears.

Be well and happy.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Listening Ears

I used to use that phrase with my kids when they were young and I wanted their attention. “Do you have your listening ears on?” I would ask. It was actually quite an effective little technique and this past week or so I heard the universe asking me the same question. I was being called to listen and observe and this is what I discovered:

*There are times in our lives when we need to remain silent and allow the truths to speak to us instead of being intent on speaking the truth.

*None of us has all the answers but we each have some and that makes each one of us a valuable piece of life’s puzzle.

*It’s a relief to know that we are under no obligation to make sense to others. It’s annoying to realize they are also under no obligation to make sense to us.

*A befitting response to the sentence, “That’s the way people raised kids back then…” is: “Yes, but it still hurt.”

*The best return you, and our world, will ever receive on an investment is the one you’ve made on striving to love, honor, respect and nurture your children.

*Children grow older and become the adults you admire most in this world.

*Not all children grow older so be sure to take more time to admire them rather than correct them.

*When we are alive others are focused on what’s wrong with us. When we die people only speak of our glory. Neither is an accurate portrait.

*The things that need to be said most are the ones people are afraid to talk about.

*Your story is important to someone somewhere. Tell it, even if it’s not important to everyone.

*When your body says, “Stop,” it is wise to listen for it is far more intelligent than your mind.

*The medical profession and those in it are profound gifts to our lives; it is also a source of limited knowledge and misinformation. Remember that when you are making health care decisions for yourself and your loved ones. Ask. Research. Learn. And do it all again so that you might make an informed decision, not an unconscious one.

*If you are willing to offer a complaint about service be sure that you are just as willing to share a compliment.

*Sometimes your opinion is invaluable and other times it means nothing at all. It’s best to know the difference between the two and act accordingly.

*A lot of people want to know how to do it but very few are willing to take the time and make the commitment to do it.

*Silence is healing.

*So is being alone.

*Children pretend in order to expand their world and the magic in it. Adults pretend in order to deny their problems and issues until their world becomes a shrunken and isolating place lacking any magic.

*There’s no way that I can share all that my listening ears have captured. Some things are meant to be learned on your own.

*Everything I’ve just shared is nothing new. You and I have heard it all before and we’ll hear it a thousand times more and in a thousand different ways until we get it, or we don’t…

No doubt the universe is calling to you too. Do you have your listening ears on?

Be well and happy.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Hopeless Case

There’s really no hope for you. Whatever it is you might be struggling with will haunt you the rest of your life. You are destined to repeat your life of pain again and again, simply passing it on to the next generation so that they too might live a life of despondency. Your suffering will be most especially amplified if another has hurt you and through their death they have left you with no apology for their wrongs.

Oh, you’re still reading? I thought I might have created such a bleak picture above that you have since slipped into the putrid bowels of depression and despair, or that a sense of self-preservation caused you to avert your eyes from the page. It’s a hellish rendition of how life might be lived, one that I stumbled across and read, that only left me bewildered and shocked.

When I read the passage posted by this other individual I gasped. Out loud. And then I cringed as the echoes of ‘No, don’t tell people that!’ rang through my head. Obviously it was an authentic account of that person’s experience but one that I long to shine some light upon so that they, and those that might take it as gospel, can potentially see matters from a fresher, more inspiring and less somber perspective.

What I wanted to say to the other writer is, “Please don’t ever take away peoples’ hope. Often times it is the one and only thing that can keep us going.”  In my own life I have known this to be true as I sought healing from childhood abuses and the absence of apologies for those actions. Hope gave me the courage to move on, however slow and painful it might have been.

Hope was a whisper of insight, inspiration and possibliites. Hope was the gentle guiding hands of an angel that said, “Come this way.” Hope made me open my eyes, lift my head that had been hung in defeat and see the promise of a new day, a new dawn within me. Hope said don’t give up because I haven’t given up on you. Hope carried me when the agony left me weak. Hope was my life-line.

So, to suggest that the circumstances of our torment are meant only to be a festering mess strips away our power and purpose for life. It says that we are to live only from a place of victimhood and that our happiness relies solely on what it is we receive or suffer from another. It implies that our life is pointless, a virtual Groundhog’s Day of anguish that bleeds into eternity.

I cannot say it strongly enough, it doesn’t have to be this way. There is another choice, and it is hope that can take us there.

You will be asked to be the master of your life, not a puppet. You will be called to comfort, soothe and validate all that seeks healing within. You, not someone else.

No longer will you naively imagine that an apology will vanquish all the misery. You will cease to long for the apology that never was, knowing that even if it were to present itself there are still emotions and thoughts anchored to the hurtful events that call your attention. You will come to stand in your power and not hand it over to the people around you.

And it is hope that can take us there.

Will it be pleasant stroll in the park? Probably not. But the places you will come to know within yourself will only become more magical as hope casts a dusting of glimmer on your personal landscape. You will know your purpose, and it will be to love yourself, the wounds that were your teachers, and the stumbling blocks that took you down a path you couldn’t have foreseen- but hope did. 

I beg of you, don’t release your grip on hope. I offer it to you so that you too might find your way out of the darkness. I promise you, hope will take you there because that is what it has done for me.

Be well and happy.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Fear-full to Fear-less

Fear came to call on me since last we met, like a cacophonous parade unleashed in my mind. I was being faced with decisions and fear had one too many thoughts on how I should, or should not, proceed. Mostly should not, because it kept rattling off all the reasons why I must do an about face on a project I hold dear to me.

Fear bought the notion that it was protecting me. I’m not going to lie, it had some valid points. In truth, the messages it was sending me were based in facts from my past. But that’s the point, it was programming from my past. What I was to do in the present had me tossing and turning as I took time to sort through the gnarled mess that was before me, and it was a mess.

The most basic form of self-preservation yanked me back, all efforts focused on chaining me in place lest I do something radical, like speak my truth. The world isn’t always a fan of truth, many in it would prefer I continue to play nice and deny my experience. And fear whispered louder and louder that that indeed would be in my best interest.

Initially I bought everything that fear was selling. Sit down and shut up seemed like it might just be the easiest way. Soon enough I realized that initially it might be the road of least resistance but began to question if it would it be in-line with the greater good that I hoped to serve. Following fear’s lead seemed to be more an act of selfishness, one of self-preservation, as I felt myself shrinking into a corner instead of standing in the expanse of my light.

But fear is a tenacious bastard and soon had me wondering again, but what if? Yes, we’ve all danced with that question many times and for many reasons in our life. There are loads of possible answers to that query. I decided that dividing that question into two different mindsets would help me to see with greater clarity as to how I might continue.

I made a mental list of potential outcomes, both desired and undesirable, for the questions: What if I do?  What if I don’t? That was when fear began to lose some of its hold on me. I understood that not continuing on the path I had begun would leave me disappointed in myself. Others will always have their thoughts and opinions but what I needed to focus on was my own sense of self, and I didn’t want to let myself down by letting fear be my guiding force.

With that I had to own that there may be some unfavorable outcomes for myself and a few others, but ultimately I sensed that a greater good would be served if I had the courage to continue to move forward. My project wasn’t just to benefit me, but many. 

In writing about this it all sounds so fluid but I must say that it was a tumultuous process. Fear had me crawling into my own mind, feeling depressed and despondent, and unable to see a larger picture. I was beginning to believe my fearful thoughts. I must say it was quite uncomfortable but despite that it still it took great effort to pull myself out of that mindset.

I had to force myself to literally get outside, of my own head and house. Walks in nature served to remind me of the vastness and complexity of our world. With that perspective my issue suddenly seemed a bit of minutia in the whole cosmic play and I also began to tap into the universe’s desire to only and always support me. I was not alone.

Yes, I was not alone and so I had to reach out to those in my life that could display and offer the support I needed. I shared my story with others and with each telling my vision became clearer, I found myself again. And it was when I reconnected to me, not fear, that I knew and understood what direction I next needed and wanted to take.

With my intentions in site once more, I was able to reflect back on where I had been. What I realized that I was making a common mistake, I was looking for a way that I might still fulfill my goals without any discomfort on my part. I was not accepting the situation for what it was and instead was unsuccessfully trying to mold it into something it was not. I was fighting the reality of what stood before me and it was only through processing that I threw in my sword and embraced its totality. There were no short cuts to take, the only way through it was through it.

Lastly, I was unknowingly scrambling to find a way to move forward without any fear. Again, not an uncommon approach taken by us when faced with a challenge, but one that is often done in vain. So I say to you, there is still some fear attached to my choices but it is courage that prevails; and courage tells me to carry on despite the fear.

And so I will.

What is fear whispering to you? How is fear tossing you about in a challenge that faces you? Your choice is no different than mine, step into the river of fear and be swept away further from your truth or painstakingly wade to the banks of mindfulness. Which will you choose?

Be well and happy.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Complimentary Gift

This week’s post is a great follow up from our discussion last week about judgment, or at least I think so.

I would categorize myself as not the most outgoing individual. I’d prefer not to waste time and effort on idle chatter. I’m quite content to keep to myself and in fact can spend hours alone with no TV or distractions of any sort. I just kind of go about my business, both at home and out in the world. But I decided to change things up a bit and I must say the results have been successful.

This week as I meandered about in my community I intentionally gave others compliments or well wishes. When my eyes landed on the latest stranger coming my way I scanned the situation in an effort to share a kind word.

I didn’t offer anything necessarily grand, just a whisper of thoughtfulness. I saw a noticeably pregnant woman and wished her luck in her obviously near adventure. One particular shopper looked quite dapper in his purple shirt and tie and so I told him so. I even told one woman I liked her eyebrows! I know it sounds silly but she had clearly put a lot of time and effort into the stellar shape of her brows and I thought they looked cool, so I told her. I was always genuine in what I would say.

Each time something caught my attention I would share my offering with its intended receiver, and on I went. I must admit it was quite fun, sort of like a treasure hunt and it was heartwarming to see a flicker of gratitude spark in someone else’s eyes. Although- the eyes did prove to be the one of the challenges in my little adventure because sooo many people do not make eye contact as they’re going about the world and so it was hard to get their focus, but I persevered.

And I’m glad I did because I felt joyous after my jaunts. I realized that my experiment was a service to me as well. With my mind consumed by my charitable goal it had no space for critical judgment (See that’s where last week’s blog comes into play.) and I liked that lighter feeling.

Perhaps this next week you too can step out of your comfort zone in order that you might provide a loving moment to those that may cross your path. Let them know for an instant that they matter and that they were seen. I promise you, you too will be on the receiving end of your own sense of comfort.

Be well and happy.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Judgment Days

From our very conception we have been judged. In the name of health and well-being nurses and doctors tracked our growth to be sure we were developing as expected. Once born, we are bathed in an environment of opposites that teaches us about ourselves, our world and others. You are good or bad. Situations are black or white. Things are hot or cold. There seems to be nothing that exists that doesn't have a defined opposite.

We become so adept at judgment that oft times it is done without any conscious thought or intent. In mere moments we scan a situation or person, assessing and categorizing them based on our personal intake. It appears that there are no humans that escape this modus operandi. I would like to say I am the exception to the rule, but I would be lying. I have met a few who piously claim they are not judgmental, only to find them several days later calling another a "jerk". Just for the record, that falls under the category of judgmental.

We are also taught to not judge others, a judgment of judgment thrown into the mix to add further to the conundrum we find ourselves immersed in; judgment now becoming a moral dilemma. This dictate feels futile for as we discussed earlier, that's our navigational system for our entire existence and we are simply left to feel even more judgmental; this time, about ourselves.

In fact, we believe so strongly in our judgments that we begin to believe with great conviction that we are the almighty "right". Surely when we're right, they must be wrong; solidifying polarization on an even deeper level as we place ourselves on the "I'm superior to you" pedestal.

So if we can't completely escape what appears to have been hardwired into our brains, where does that leave us? I do not profess to have all the answers, only the ones that have worked for me thus far, as I'm a work in progress.

Step one is acceptance. Based on the knowledge that we can't function in this realm without the tool of judgment, we need to honestly accept that this is part of our humanity. Please note I said part of our humanity, not all. That's key because that's where step two comes into play.

Step two is conscious decisions. Now that we know and understand our dynamics a bit more, we can make more informed choices as we travel about our days. Which "part" of ourselves are we going to put into action? I suggest you ask yourself this the next time you become aware of a judgmental thought: "Is this necessary or important?" If the thoughts rattling around in your brain are simply commenting on the humid weather, than perhaps that's a necessary observation as you might need or want to seek physical comfort. But, if you're focus is the unfortunate size and shape of the woman's butt that happens to be in front of you, I'd put that on the spectrum of "not important". Here lies your choice and this is one of the tools I utilize when I find myself traveling down the "not necessary" road, I abruptly cease my judgmental thought and simply say in my mind to that individual, "May you be happy and healthy." It really can be that simple, and in keeping with the concept of judgment, is a much kinder approach to others that allows you the chance to then not get caught up in the vicious cycle of self-judgment.

Step three is realizing that you are part of the problem. Indeed there may be times when we are "right". Aunt Sally is downing a case of beer a day and she doesn't understand your concern with this behavior, that falls under the category of being "right". Being "right" does not automatically put one in the category of superior, however, and that's where we actually convey an energy that is more likely to keep another more entrenched in the exact behavior or action we have been judging. I think we can all agree that no one responds well to being judged. An air of judgment headed our way usually puts us in a defensive mode, feeling as though we need to justify and truly protect ourselves. Thus, we are more likely to disregard and discount another's suggestions or insights and stay fully enmeshed in the behavior or mode that is in question.

Step four is being an example. As hard as we try, and we have all tried too many times to count, we can not control another's behaviors. Perhaps our role in each others' lives is not to be the judge and jury, but simply an example. Emulate the behavior and actions you suggest another embody, that is the only place our power lies and is one that is more likely to create or support a change in others.

Step five is to repeat, repeat, repeat all the steps listed above. In practicing a less judgmental approach we are not always going to get it "right", don't worry I'm not judging you, but we can "get it better".

Be well and happy.