Monday, April 11, 2016

Listening Ears

I used to use that phrase with my kids when they were young and I wanted their attention. “Do you have your listening ears on?” I would ask. It was actually quite an effective little technique and this past week or so I heard the universe asking me the same question. I was being called to listen and observe and this is what I discovered:

*There are times in our lives when we need to remain silent and allow the truths to speak to us instead of being intent on speaking the truth.

*None of us has all the answers but we each have some and that makes each one of us a valuable piece of life’s puzzle.

*It’s a relief to know that we are under no obligation to make sense to others. It’s annoying to realize they are also under no obligation to make sense to us.

*A befitting response to the sentence, “That’s the way people raised kids back then…” is: “Yes, but it still hurt.”

*The best return you, and our world, will ever receive on an investment is the one you’ve made on striving to love, honor, respect and nurture your children.

*Children grow older and become the adults you admire most in this world.

*Not all children grow older so be sure to take more time to admire them rather than correct them.

*When we are alive others are focused on what’s wrong with us. When we die people only speak of our glory. Neither is an accurate portrait.

*The things that need to be said most are the ones people are afraid to talk about.

*Your story is important to someone somewhere. Tell it, even if it’s not important to everyone.

*When your body says, “Stop,” it is wise to listen for it is far more intelligent than your mind.

*The medical profession and those in it are profound gifts to our lives; it is also a source of limited knowledge and misinformation. Remember that when you are making health care decisions for yourself and your loved ones. Ask. Research. Learn. And do it all again so that you might make an informed decision, not an unconscious one.

*If you are willing to offer a complaint about service be sure that you are just as willing to share a compliment.

*Sometimes your opinion is invaluable and other times it means nothing at all. It’s best to know the difference between the two and act accordingly.

*A lot of people want to know how to do it but very few are willing to take the time and make the commitment to do it.

*Silence is healing.

*So is being alone.

*Children pretend in order to expand their world and the magic in it. Adults pretend in order to deny their problems and issues until their world becomes a shrunken and isolating place lacking any magic.

*There’s no way that I can share all that my listening ears have captured. Some things are meant to be learned on your own.

*Everything I’ve just shared is nothing new. You and I have heard it all before and we’ll hear it a thousand times more and in a thousand different ways until we get it, or we don’t…

No doubt the universe is calling to you too. Do you have your listening ears on?

Be well and happy.

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