Monday, November 23, 2015

Human Anatomy

I’ve been listening to a little bit of this and that this past week and I’ve concluded that there are mass numbers of our population that are in need of an anatomy lesson. Don’t worry, I shall keep it quite simple for those that have no interest in said topic, but do trust that it will be applicable to us all.

We have this structure known as a brain, folks. It sits squarely on your shoulders, housed inside a very thick skull. Human beings boast the largest brain on the planet. Here’s where some might want to pay attention, it’s meant to be used. By that I mean its purpose isn’t to sit idle, like an old car in the junkyard that no longer holds any value. Nope, it’s here to be ridden, and hard.

You see our brain model is a souped-up version compared to that of the majority of our fellow earthly inhabitants. Our frontal cortex, aka the front of our brain, allows us the luxury of more abstract thought and reasoning, among other things. For example, when a dog is presented with two bones it does not proceed to pose questions in its own mind- Which one am I in the mood for tonight? Is one healthier than the other? If I chew on this bone now will it ruin my appetite for supper?  But our brains would allow us to do just that if presented with the same scenario, or any other one.

This is a beautiful feature because with that option we can, buckle your seat belts, ask questions! And when we ask questions we just might find ourselves thinking outside the box, or many boxes depending on your storage situation and how often you dare to visit the attic of old beliefs.

Those boxes of things we were told or taught to believe aren’t to sit untouched in the dark recesses of our brain. Fling ‘em open and re-examine the contents. Unless you’ve suffered a lobotomy, you possess a miraculous ability to question, there’s that word again, what once was or currently is being shared with you. You don’t have to foolishly accept the words that fly out of another’s mouth simply because they jive with something you heard twenty years ago or touch on your fear(s).  I’m not suggesting hostile challenge, but that you only pause to ask or research.

Do yourself and the world a favor and use the brain you’ve been given. Question what you believed when you were a child. Question what you believed last year. And question the validity of what you believed yesterday. Question not only the amateur but the expert as well. Question what he, she and they said. Question what might lie on the other side of everything you think you know to be true. Question until the day you die, and your brain ceases to fire.

Any more questions?

Be well and happy.

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