Monday, November 30, 2015

Fruits of Our Labor

You won’t be hard pressed to find the pain and horror in our world, most especially if you tune into the news. Humanity as a whole has a rap sheet to span the centuries of the atrocities we’ve committed. It can feel heavy and overwhelming at times to take note of the destruction that lay in our path. But there’s more, more beauty and camaraderie than hate.

I felt as though I was blessed to witness just that as I visited New York, a microcosm of our world at large, over the holiday weekend. The streets that I explored bore the scars of what it means to be a human being, but what shone brighter than that was the diversity, creation, imagination and acceptance that an untold number of strangers joined together to manifest and experience.

It moved me to be a part of a whole that was far from our ideal, what we would call perfect. I’ve no doubt if you stopped anyone on the street they could well have shared with you the ugly truths that were scattered all about, but it was an air of peace and acceptance that permeated the air- not judgement or fear. We were there to inhale and embrace the wonders of life that humanity played a hand in as well.

Magic doesn’t only happen in Disney World. It’s in your everyday life and it’s sprinkled like fairy dust in all the corners of our Earth. I invite you to step outside of your routine, your social circle and norms and take note of the splendor that we as a whole have brought into form. It’s a wonderland to behold that you need only grant yourself permission to enjoy.

I implore you, please pause to tune out the animosity, struggle and strain and dial into moments of enchantment. For your sake, and that of the world, I invite you to open your heart to the gifts that stand before you, and every one of us, with each breath that is taken.

This is my holiday wish for you all.

Be well and happy.  

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