Monday, July 20, 2015

Kripa Hum

I learned this Sanskrit phrase this week, repeated as a mantra, while practicing the free meditation program offered by Oprah and Deepak. It's translation is "I am divine grace" and it has created a freeing and comforting awakening within me.

I have always understood grace to be something granted to me, a sacred gift if you will that was handed to me. But as I listened to Deepak's words and embodied the mantra I was filled with a sense of wonder that me, I am divine grace! It sits differently for me than the teachings that offer the understanding that we are all an individual expression of Spirit. Kripa Hum suggests to me that all that I am is a divine gift bestowed upon the world, not something external which I receive. For reasons I can't explain, this blows me away.

Without any thought or effort on my part my mind released the long list of things I am not, my human "flaws". Even when not in meditation I kept hearing myself repeat, "I am divine grace." I was free of personal judgment and self analysis. That I am divine grace suggests to me that I am enough and complete, concepts which I've always sought to fully embrace and now suddenly found myself knowing, and more importantly feeling, as truth.

Joy and an inner calm fill me as I envision myself walking about my day to day existence, my mere presence divine grace amongst others. This comes not from my ego, but my heart. There is nothing I need to do other than be all that I am, most especially no pressure to do more or be better.

I share this with you so that you too might know and embody this about yourself. Allow your heart to feel this truth. We are all divine grace, a gift to one another in this time and space. Who and what you are is enough and I thank you for sharing your version of grace with me and our world.
Be well and happy.

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