Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Body Language

I’m going to suggest something that many of you have never considered, it’s time to talk to your body. Better yet, listen to your body. You know that ache or lingering illness you’ve been dealing with? It’s a message that you shouldn’t ignore or simply mask with the latest newfangled medicine, despite what the commercial says.

I don’t suggest that you suffer. Please, seek and take medical advice as you deem fit but don’t stop there. After you’ve chatted with the doc, or even before, make time for a tete-a-tete with the physical form where you reside. Chances are you feel a bit befuddled as to how to begin that process, no one ever took the time to teach us said skill when we were tooling about in our childhood forms, but it’s all really quite simple. 

First take note of what body part(s) are calling your attention, perhaps via sickness or any form of discomfort. Step two is comprised of questions for that part, or parts, that you’ve now noticed. Potential questions might be, “What are you trying to teach or show me?” or, “What emotion is being held in this space?” and most importantly, “What do you need from me?”

Some find this direct approach a bit overwhelming, as though they’re attempting to converse with another from some foreign land and cannot get past the communication barrier. This is when we put visualization into play.

Once more, give focus to those body parts calling to you, and this time identify what it is you see there. It may be a color, an energy or any of the upteen billion possible physical manifestations that we might know or create with our imagination. The sky’s the limit here, meaning there is no right or wrong thing to see in your mind’s eye. Take note of the feeling or energy conveyed by what it is you observe. Lastly, imagine that the vision you are holding can speak. What would it say? What message does it come to share?

It is in these 1:1’s that you will learn what lies yet unresolved in your being and what you can do to transform and heal those aspects. Your body will readily divulge its secrets and wisdoms to you, you need only take time to ask.

Some might find it odd that I suggest a conversation with our bodies, but perhaps it’s even odder that we are housed in this shell of skin and bones for, well, our entire life, and forget to communicate with it. I’m sure you’ve heard of the whole mind-body connection thing, but let’s take it to another level and utilize our minds to actually connect with the body.

Most often our response to any physical distress is frustration, yet we fail to realize that for many of our days here on Earth our bodies take a beating from a vast array of sources. A large majority of those assaults come from our own hands, the choices we’ve made all the days leading up to the varying ailments. The technique I discuss above opts for compassion for our bodies versus annoyance.

Here’s another secret, you don’t have to wait until your body is in misery before listening to what it has to share. It’s been talking to you all along, you’ve simply taken it for granted and ignored its previous calls. It’s a private number, one no medical professional can gain access to because it is the wisdom and teaching that reside solely within you. Perhaps it’s time to say ‘hello’ to the stranger sitting in the same seat as you, that which your soul literally embodies.

Be well and happy.

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