Monday, October 26, 2015

Mirror, Mirror

When you gaze into your looking glass what or who is it you see? Do you gaze upon yourself with judgment and shame, or compassion and glory? Of course the mirror is symbolic in that it reflects to us that which we feel or believe about ourselves, no matter if there is truth to it. Many try avoid the image looking back at them in the physical mirror as often as possible, and most absolutely refuse to do any internal self-reflection. Why is that I wonder?

I’ve had moments in time when that question baffled me. I personally can’t seem to stop trying to understand myself and grow personally, which some might define as an issue but to me it feels as natural as breathing. Why was I the odd man out?

Naturally, fear could be the only answer. But fear of what? Fear of what one might discover, I suppose. So then, what is the worst discovery imaginable? Universally the answer seems to be, “That I’m not loveable.” On the surface that does seem to make a lot of sense. By definition the process of self-awareness suggests that we are to own and embrace all aspects of ourselves. You know- the good, the bad and the ugly. The majority of us have been taught that the less than favorable parts of our makeup are to be hidden away or denied, and hold far more weight when calculating our “lovability factor” than our sometimes stellar displays.

Yeah, so it all looks like a plausible theory on the surface. If I go digging around and honestly dare to look at all parts of me, then I might get the affirmation that scares me the most- that I’m a worthless piece-o-shit. Or will I? If I don’t, than what is left to be discovered? Good question, no?

Beneath the obvious premise we discussed above regarding peoples’ fear of looking within, lies a find with the power to terrorize. Shall I tell you? Are you ready to take in this truth, do you dare to feel it? Well it’s quite simple, that you are lovable – even more than our limited minds can conceptualize. Doesn’t sound scary as you read the words, I’m sure, but to actively and actually feel and live this concept strips us of all that we’ve known.

The reality is that the goal of going inward is to foster self-love. Never have I watched another take the deep plunge of personal growth and walk away saying, “Well, now I feel worse about myself!” Instead self-compassion and acceptance begin to bloom, and with them comes the heavenly aroma of knowing you are always nothing but remarkable. This is where the shock comes in, because with the dawning of this realization comes the challenge to let go of who and what we thought and were taught we are. As we bask in self-acceptance and claim our splendor we can no longer play small or the role of victim.

No, no, no. We have been called to claim our power, our divinity. What?! Yes, once we catch a glimpse of how truly spectacular we are we can no longer crawl up like a pillbug in an effort to squelch the radiant light that is us. And that, is what I believe stops others from going inward- that they are far more magnificent than they could have imagined and with that, comes the responsibility to shine. The universe put out a casting call, and we each have been given the starring role, no longer to hide in the shadows but instead to step out from behind the stage curtain of life and allow ourselves and our truth to be seen and shared with the world.

I do declare, nothing could be scarier…nor more sublime.

Be well and happy.

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