Monday, December 21, 2015

Self-Reflecting Pool

You know the spiritual truth that gets bantered about, the one that says those that we struggle with the most are often a mirror for something unhealed within ourselves? I hate that one. In my own mind the lesson plan for that truth goes something like this: They're such an ass (Roll of the eyes). I am nothing like them (Arms crossed in defense). Alright maybe one time I did something similar but that was because… (Shrug of the shoulders). But I don’t want to make this about me. Can’t we just stick with idea that there’s something wrong with them? (Whiny voice) Uncle! Okay, what is the frickin’ lesson I’m meant to learn here? (Deep sigh of resignation) And so it goes. Over and, many more times, over. Until the day we die, I’m pretty sure.

Anyone that has done some degree of personal growth knows what I’m referring to, and has heard it shared and experienced it to the ‘Nth’ degree as well. But today folks, is your lucky day because we are going to look at the opposite end of that spectrum. What lies there, you ask? I’m so glad you did because that side of things gets very little coverage in the grand scope of self-awareness.

So, it goes something like this- If all those things that drive us batty about another are truly an aspect of ourselves that is seeking resolve of some sort (e.g. My judgement of you as controlling is in fact a reflection of that in me which is the ultimate control freak.) then…the opposite is true a well. This means that in those moments when we admire a quality or action in another human, we are seeing an aspect of ourselves reflecting back. We could not recognize it in someone else if we did not first know of its existence within us.

For example, when we are deeply moved by witnessing acts of courage, compassion, acceptance, kindness, honesty and integrity we are being asked to know that all of those things are part us as well. We, you, are just as beautiful as what has been observed and felt. Isn’t that fantabulous? The universe doesn’t just offer us reflections of those kinda shitty things about our personalities and life, we are also surrounded by our glory.

This is what I ask of you: When your heart is opened or you feel inspired by a quality of someone else, stop for a moment, hell take two, and own that trait as part of your truth as well. Pause to think when you have lived and shared that same energy, no matter how brief or infrequently. Why? Because sometimes we get so caught up in trying to fix what is wrong with us, that we forget there are many spectacular things as well. This part of the lesson plan is just as necessary and important as the other extreme. Please, own your flaws but own your greatness as well.

Be well and happy. 

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