Monday, November 9, 2015


We are a society of swingers. No, not that kind but the type that rides the pendulum of life and all its issues. Republican or Democrat. Gorge on fast food or fast on the latest cleanse. Give our power away or greedily consume the power of those that surround us. Beat children into submission of authority or hand them all the authority. Give all, or nothing, in everything we do or don’t.

Back and forth is the tempo we keep in life and debates. It must be this way. No, that. “It’s my way or the highway,” rings the underlying message that is not discernible to our ears, only our psyche. On and on we go about the glory days of the past, all the while knowing just how far we have come. Without the wonders of modern day we would not be as progressive, nor as regressive we bemoan.

All of this leads me to wonder if we’re missing the point, the one that seems to lie somewhere in between all these extremes. As a pendulum comes to rest it is in a place of balance. It has found the middle ground and perhaps that is the higher ground we all seek. Would we be better served as individuals and a society to ask, “What is betwixt and between point A and B? Do both views have redeeming qualities that can be melded into something anew?”

Of course the comings and goings of life will create a movement that might cause us to go to and fro once more but coming back to center within ourselves and our lives seems as though that might be our greatest test, and possible reward.

This week I leave you with a challenge to identify your role as a swinger on both a personal and global level. Next, the step that requires courage and growth, allow yourself to unearth the virgin middle ground and dare to walk its path for a change of perspective. Who knows, you might just blaze a new trail - if not in the life of others, at least your very own.

Be well and happy.

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